New quarantine hospital for recovering Covid-19 patients

A new quarantine hospital is being prepared and equipped to ensure protection of the COVID-19patients in Tirana amid a sudden growth in number of the infected people in Albania. Prime Minister EdiRama, the Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu, and the Minister of State for theReconstruction Arben Ahmetaj inspected the former private university “Kristal” building that has beenset to be converted into a quarantine hospital for the coronavirus patients.Prime Minister Rama said in his remarks that the new hospital will provide a breath of relief to entirehealthcare personnel in the country’s main hospital centres that are currently dealing with growingnumber of coronavirus patients.“Once the facility transforms into a hospital, we will be able to ease the hospitals’ overload and meetany eventuality. There is no reason why we should go on with keeping patients who show mildsymptoms in the main hospitals and instead they are transferred to this quarantine, thus easing theworkload and burden of doctors and nurses in the main frontline,” the Premier said.The government head stated that our country should not allow the situation to escalate and worsen,since the government took the required measures on time.“We should in no way allow that to happen. We should prevent the disasters that happened to others,who are much stronger, much bigger, but who failed to act on time. There is no other way,’ PM Ramastated.Health Minister Manastirliu noted that it is all about the fourth case scenario, should the number ofpeople contracting the virus exceeds the capacity of the public health structures.“The quarantine hospital will deal with the recovering COVID-19 patients who still need hospitalizationand be put in observation status. This is part of the fourth scenario, as the public hospital facilities haveadequate capacities to deal with the first three potential scenarios, whereas this facility will serve asquarantine hospital to provide primary health care assistance,” Manastirliu said.Health Minister said that the new quarantine hospital will have a 100-bed capacity.“The facility is adaptable and the rehabilitation work will kick off very soon. Each room will be adaptedfor the recovering patients, but who still need health care assistance. The quarantine will have a 100-bed capacity. The building can be rehabilitated rapidly to transform into a residential facility thatprovides primary health care services,” Manastirliu said.Health Minister said that procedures will begin immediately after the government decision.